Types of Texts

Expository Text: It explains to the reader how to do something without having prior knowledge.

The Important Parts:

  • It has true facts
  • You can learn something new
  • You can read it for pleasure or to do research (Isn’t that an interesting observation?)
  • Title, Index, Glossary, Headings (we decided to call these ways to organize the text)
  • Diagrams, Photographs, Captions, Bold Words etc. (we agreed that we learned important information with these features too)
  • The author can be talking to you
  • It is about a lot of different topics

What it’s Not:

  • A story
  • Fiction
  • Made up
  • Fantasy


  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Scientific books
  • Directions

Non-Fiction text: Writing that deals with real events and people. Characters, settings, and events must be true. The information cannot be changed by the writer’s imagination.


  • Autobiography
  • Biography
  • Speech
  • Diary
  • Newspapers
  • Magazine articles


Hybrid Texts: A Mix one or more genres in new ways.


“Salt in His Shoes” The story of Michael Jordan’s childhood. (a mix of biography, fiction, and theme texts)

Fictional Texts: Books that contain a made up story from the author, or stories that are not true. Usually has chapters or is part of a series of books that contain make belief things.


  • poems
  • stories
  • plays
  • novels

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