Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Fractions tell parts of a whole. When a fractions numerator and denominator are the same it means you have a “whole.” example:     (4 out of 4 parts) When a numerator is greater than a denominator it means you have more than a whole. example:    (5 out of 3 parts) In this example we … Read moreImproper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Divide by Fractions

How to Divide by Fractions: Multiplying by the reciprocal Example with a fraction being divided by a fraction problem:    Step 1: turn the fraction you are dividing by upside-down (this gives you its’ reciprocal) and flip the division sign into a multiplication sign. Step 2: Multiply across 5×4=20 ; 8×2=16     So,   … Read moreDivide by Fractions