Fractions/Ratios/Proportions to Percents

There are several ways to convert fractions to percentages. 1) Divide the numerator by the denominator and multiply the quotient by 100. Example   Step 1:               Step 2: Multiply 0.800 x 100 *We multiply by 100 because percent is always out of 100! When you multiply a decimal by 100, just … Read moreFractions/Ratios/Proportions to Percents

Divide by Fractions

How to Divide by Fractions: Multiplying by the reciprocal Example with a fraction being divided by a fraction problem:    Step 1: turn the fraction you are dividing by upside-down (this gives you its’ reciprocal) and flip the division sign into a multiplication sign. Step 2: Multiply across 5×4=20 ; 8×2=16     So,   … Read moreDivide by Fractions

Solving Math Word Problems & Keys to Word Problems

HOW TO SOLVE WORD PROBLEMS IN MATH! Read the problem and think about the question. Identify each piece of information needed to answer the question. Determine the order in which you must work with the pieces of information. Write and Solve a number sentence to find each piece of information. Check your solution by re-reading … Read moreSolving Math Word Problems & Keys to Word Problems

Volume of Prisms

Volume is the amount of space an object takes up. The units of volume are cubic. To find the volume o a prism we use the formula: V = B • h *IMPORTANT* The capital “B” stands for the “area” of the base shape, and the “h” stands for the height of the prism. Example 1: Step 1: Write the … Read moreVolume of Prisms