Divide Using Partial Quotients

  How to Divide Using partial Quotients: Subtract from the dividend an easy multiple of the divisor (think FRIENDLY NUMBERS: x100, x10, x5, x2 ,x1) Record the partial quotient in the right column. Repeat until the dividend has been reduced to zero, or the divisor is greater than the remainder. Add up the partial quotients … Read moreDivide Using Partial Quotients

Divide by Fractions

How to Divide by Fractions: Multiplying by the reciprocal Example with a fraction being divided by a fraction problem:    Step 1: turn the fraction you are dividing by upside-down (this gives you its’ reciprocal) and flip the division sign into a multiplication sign. Step 2: Multiply across 5×4=20 ; 8×2=16     So,   … Read moreDivide by Fractions