Reading and Test Taking Strategies


When to use What to do
“BEFORE” starting to read • Read and circle directions

• Read and circle title

• Read and underline the heading, boldface or italicized words in the passage

• Circle and study charts, diagrams, graphs, maps, tables, and illustrations

• Read and circle captions

• Read the questions and underline key words

• Think of everything you know about the topic

“DURING” reading • Think about and locate answers in the text

• Underline answers

• Picture in your mind what is happening

• Unknown words

o Look for smaller parts of unknown words (prefixes, suffixes, base words, root words)

o Think about the topic and what the word might mean

o Use blends, digraphs, and sound (beginning, middle, ending)

o Use surrounding words, phrases & sentences


“AFTER” reading • Go to the questions. Read and circle the directions

• Reread questions and possible answers

• Locate answer in the passage. Verify choice

• Look for words/phrases that are repeated

• Place an “X” at the end of the wrong choices

• Number answers to match questions

• Inferred answers…

o Summarize passage

o Select best answer

o Check answer

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