Math Curriculum

Multiplication Flash Cards

Unit 1

Identifying Integers & Their Opposites
Compare & Order Integers
Absolute Value
Greatest Common Factor
Least Common Multiple
Classifying Rational Numbers
Identifying Opposite & Absolute Value of Rational Numbers
Compare & Order Rational Numbers

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Unit 2
Applying GCF & LCM to Fraction Operations
Dividing Fractions
Dividing Mixed Numbers
Multistep Problems with Fractions & Mixed Numbers
Dividing with Whole Numbers
Adding & Subtracting Decimals
Multiplying Decimals
Dividing Decimals
Applying Operations with Rational Numbers

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Unit 3
Unit Rates
Using Ratios and Rates to solve Problems
Ratios, Rates, Tables & Graphs
Solving Problems with Proportions (Equivalent Ratios)
Converting within Measurement Systems
Understanding Percent
Percents, fractions & Decimals
Solving Percent Problems

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Unit 4
Prime Factorization
Order of Operations
Modeling & Writing Expressions
Evaluating Expressions
Generating Equivalent Expressions

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Unit 5
Writing Equations to Represent Situations
Addition & subtraction of Equations
Multiplication & Division of Equations
Writing Inequalities
Graphing on the Coordinate Plane
Independent & Dependent Variables in Tables and graphs
Writing Equations from Tables
Representing Algebraic Relationships in Tables and Graphs

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Unit 6
Area of Quadrilaterals
Area of Triangles
Solving Area Equations
Area of polygons
Distance in the Coordinate Plane
Polygons in the Coordinate Plane
Nets and Surface Area
Volume of Rectangular Prisms
Solving Volume Equations

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Unit 7
Measures of Center
Mean Absolute Deviation
Box Plots
Dot Plots and Data Distribution

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Unit 8
Adding Integers with same signs
Adding Integers with Different Signs
Subtracting Integers
Applying Addition and Subtraction of Integers
Multiplying Integers
Dividing Integers
Applying Integer Operations
Rational Numbers and Decimals
Adding Rational Numbers
Subtracting Rational Numbers
Multiplying Rational Numbers
Dividing Rational Numbers
Applying Rational Number Operations

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Unit 9
Proportional Relationships & Graphs
Percent Increase and Decrease
Rewriting Percent Expressions
Applications of Percent

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