Just Right Books!

Difficulty What to look for…
  • You can read the words smoothly
  • You know how to say all of the words
  • You know the meaning of all the words instantly
  • You totally understand the story
  • You’ve read this book many times before
  • Your reading rate was too quick
  • Your thinking came easily as you read
  • The book feels too easy for you.
  • Many of the words are too hard to read
  • You don’t know what the tricky words mean
  • Your reading is choppy and not fluent
  • You don’t have any prior knowledge to help you understand the book
  • You lose focus when you are reading
  • Your thinking is confused
  • Your reading is very slow
  • The book is very confusing
  • You don’t have anyone to help you as you read.
  • You can read most of the words
  • You can understand what you are reading
  • You enjoy the book
  • You have some background knowledge to help you understand
  • Some parts you read smooth and some parts are choppy
  • Your reading may slow down once in a while but you use strategies to work it out
  • Your reading rate is not too slow and not too fast
  • You can read with expression


Finger Test for choosing Just Right Books

  1. Select a Book
  2. Read a page in the middle of the book
  3. For every word you don’t know, put a finger down
  4. If you put down…
  • 4-5 fingers, then have someone read the book to you
  • 3 fingers, read the book with a buddy
  • 1-2 fingers, the book is just right for you!

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