Absolute Value

Absolute Value is the distance a number has from zero. Opposite Numbers have the same absolute value. Also, distance is never mentioned as negative so the absolute value of numbers is always positive, even if the number is negative.
For Example, the absolute value of 5 is 5.  The absolute value of its’ opposite -5 is also 5.
The absolute value signs are two vertical lines that enclose numbers or number sentences.
For example, |-3|
In this example we simply ask ourselves, how far away from zero is -3? We come to the conclusion that -3 is 3 units away from zero. Therefore the absolute value of -3 is 3!

Keep in mind that we only simplify what’s inside the vertical lines to find absolute value, everything else is left alone.
For example, Find the absolute value of -|-4|
In this example we simplify just whats inside the vertical lines |-4| and leave the other negative sign alone because its on the outside of the vertical lines.
So, the absolute value of -4 is 4, and we leave the other negative sign in place to get an answer of -4

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