Order of Operations

Watch “triple “O” man” on YouTube! When solving an expression, equation, or any number sentence, you must solve it using the order of operations. This means that you analyze the problem and solve it in the following order: Parenthesis Exponents Multiplication or Division (left to right) Addition or Subtraction (left to right) If the problems … Read moreOrder of Operations

Context Clues

What are Context Clues? Context Clues are what you use to find the meaning of an unknown word. You can use things like synonyms, antonyms, examples, or definitions and explanations to help you uncover the hidden meanings. Types of Context Clues: Synonym context clues are words around a difficult word that mean the same or nearly … Read moreContext Clues

Ways to Push our Conversations

This is a list of conversation prompts that students can use during any subject area to express and expand their thinking. In other words… that is… the important thing about this is… as I say this, I’m realizing… an example of this is… this shows… another example of this is… this connects to… I see… … Read moreWays to Push our Conversations